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    Welcome to the Service Bureau

    Combine remote expert guidance of our hub engineers with the power of secure cloud-based analytics for proactive actionable insights and timely support on troubleshooting.

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  • How can the Service Bureau help you?

    The Service Bureau consists of a dedicated team of experts who remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze your critical connected assets to help you maximize uptime, improve maintenance, and reduce costs.

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Key Benefits

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    24/7 Remote Monitoring

    Gain peace of mind, thanks to remote monitoring of critical asset health and operations, at all times, with alerts on any anomaly detected.

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    Optimized Costs

    Reduce maintenance and operational costs while maximizing uptime with predictive analytics, proactive technical support, and preventive maintenance strategies.

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    Customized Reports

    Get proactive recommendations on your assets and facility operations to support decision making and ensure process efficiency.

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    Dedicated Premium Support

    Benefit from a single point of contact who remotely overlooks your assets and operations health to provide insights.

Service Bureau's Activities

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    Monitoring and Support

    ? A single point of contact covering major languages
    ? Prioritization of incoming events and alarms
    ? Remote technical support on assets and operational processes
    ? On-site intervention on request

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    Remote Operations

    ? Application configuration
    ? Quick response to the incident reported by the system or customer
    ? Remote asset management: maintain, configure, reboot
    ? Remote support of Field Services Representative

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    Predictive Analytics

    ? Secure data extraction and analysis
    ? Insights from condition-based monitoring
    ? Maintenance plans based on asset health
    ? Personalized reports and recommendations

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    ? Optimizing extracted data for peak performance
    ? Running analytics programs
    ? Identifying performance indicators
    ? Delivering reports and monitoring the execution of performance actions

  • Success Story “I no longer have to call tech support. We have a Service Bureau that can handle everything for us”

    Jeff Gardner, Critical Facility Manager at RSA Alabama

  • Success Story “It’s like an engineer that’s just continuously running 24/7. It allows us to be more efficient. We’ve been making a lot of improvements when I get the quarterly report and it shows that I’ve continuously reduced energy.”

    Greg Lamson, Senior Facilities Engineer, Boston Scientific campus

  • Success Story “If there is an issue, we get an email from Schneider’s Service Bureau saying, “We’re noticing this”. I can log in to it remotely, and look at the same information and help troubleshoot that issue.”

    Lee Perry, Electrical Design Engineer, BASF

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    Get expert recommendations personalized to your installed base

    See a sample optimization report for a chemical plant with insights derived from EcoStruxure Asset Advisor. Download the report now

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